The Shiloh Shepherd Story

Announcing the first book solely about Shiloh Shepherds! Read the fascinating story, told for the first time, about the development of this magnificent breed! Written by Tina Barber, the breed's founder, this book takes you behind the scenes with intimate details never before revealed.

Monday, March 20, 2006

My new book has just been released!! Please take a moment and visit our new site for full updates! The Shiloh Shepherd Story official website

I have also written some NEW articles that might help you to reach a deeper understanding regarding the "politics" that are associated with the SHILOH SHEPHERD name, so please take a few moments to visit our Learning Center, and then join our FORUMS, if you would like to talk to hundreds of Shiloh owners and honest ISSR breeders!!!

Also don't miss my new website, Tina Speaks Out on the Critical Issues Facing the Shiloh Shepherd Today


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